Vocational Education Pathway for Lay Minister or Licensing

Lay Minister or Licensing Pathway 3: Vocational Education and Training

The completion of Vocational Education and Training (VET) Certificate IV in theological or ministry studies from a Denominational or Partner College of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. It is expected that each VET qualification contain no more than nine individual subjects. Students taking the Vocational Education Pathway may complete more subjects than those required for Licensing in order to fulfil the volume of learning requirement. The total demand in learning hours is approximately 500 hours.

List of Subjects to be completed at Vocational Education level in Pathway 3

Bible (Minimum 100 hours)

  • Old Testament Introduction (Cert IV)
  • New Testament Introduction (Cert IV)

Church History (Minimum 50 hours)

  • Wesleyan History (Cert IV)

Theology (Minimum 100 hours)

  • Introduction to Theology (Cert IV)
  • Wesleyan Theology (Cert IV)

Practical Ministry (Minimum 150 hours)

  • Introductory to Preaching (Cert IV)
  • Theology and Practice of Worship (Cert IV)
  • Church Administration and Management or Christian Leadership (Cert IV)

Required Denominational Modules

  • Wesleyan Methodist Handbook
  • Chairmanship